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Why bespoke?  

Because the firearm system needs to fit YOU.  Just like XXL sweat pants and and a sweater would cover you and protect you from the elements, an off the shelf rifle with a simple scope and bargain bin rings will be able to hit a paper plate at 100 yards or put meat on the table, but some people want a whole lot more.  

When you buy a rifle from us you are not just buying an accurate rifle (Sub moa rifles can be had in the $500 price range from Walmart these days).

-You are buying a service.  First we will consult with you to determine your individual needs.  We will tailor the rifle package based on intended use, ballistic requirements, ergonomics, and even your prefered sense of style for such things as color scheme.   

-You are buying peace of mind.  You can rest easy the night before the competition or the big hunt knowing only top quality components were incorporated into your system.  Everything was assembled according to best practices within the industry and  that your rifle has already been proven by our expert staff.  Finally, we stand behind our product 100%. 


-You are buying professional experience.  The individuals constructing your rifle package have real-world experience in the field, whether it be stalking in the mountains of Alaska, hunting the prairies of South Dakota, or competing in the deserts of Wyoming we have been there and done that.  With this experience we are better able to help you meet your individual shooting goals by providing equipment recommendations based on first hand knowledge not just an opinion spouted by some keyboard commando.  

What does this mean for you?  It means that when we make your rifle package it is made for YOU.  We have taken into account your intended use, ballistic requirements, ergonomics, and even your prefered sense of style for such things as color scheme.

What is a rifle package?  Until now the term rifle package has generally meant a rifle with a scope mounted on it along with a hat and t-shirt.  At Only Shooters we see this as just the beginning.  We define a package as everything you need to achieve your shooting goals, TURNKEY out of the box just add bullets (oh and we will have a recommendation on those too including load data for reloaders).  In the case of long range shooting this could be equipment such as bipods, rear bags, rangefinders, handheld weather stations, drop tables, or ballistics solvers.  Additionally each rifle has been proven to meet the minimum accuracy standards as defined by the customer.  Finally, with each package we are also able to provide detailed yet simple instructions on the proper use of and care and maintenance for each piece included in your rifle package.

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